How it works

Your website runs on a local domain name (like for instance). You're not part of a huge national site. It's yours and it's local. The customers that come to the site are your customers that you can keep and get lifetime value out of.

You set the prices - and you get all the margin. You're not just fitting tyres for a huge national website and only getting the fitting fee.

The more you manage the content on the site, the more local search traffic it will get and the more sales it will make.

But it's not just online sales. For every online sale we would expect the website to make the phone ring 10 times with enquiries for tyres and all the other services you offer.

The website is a major new business generator for your business.

Also, once a customer has bought from you, the site will send out reminder to drive the customer back to you the next time they need tyres, or an MOT or new brakes. The longtime value of a customer is many, many times the value of the first tyre order.

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