An overview of responsive design

What is responsive design?

Responsive Design is the process of designing and creating websites to be flexible across all devices, working independently across a range of mobile and desktop devices and resolutions, providing a great user experience regardless of how the user accesses your Tyres and Service site. The site's appearance adapts automatically to the user's device to provide the full viewing experience.

All Tyres and Service sites are responsively designed by default - try visiting your site on a mobile phone and/or tablet for a unique viewing experience!


How does responsive design benefit my Tyres and Service site?

Responsive design offers numerous benefits for your Tyres and Service site, including:

  • The user gets the full experience, regardless of their internet-capable viewing device.
  • Only one version of the site needs to be created, making content editing and overall maintenance far simpler.
  • Up to 40% of online viewers consist of mobile and tablet users, by catering to their needs, the potential for business expansion increases dramatically.
  • Google prioritises responsively designed websites in their searches.

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