How to Create a Voucher

Through your Tyres and Service admin you can setup discount codes for your customers to use when placing a booking on your website.


Add a Discount Code

To create a new voucher click the Add Discount Code Button. Follow the below steps to ensure that the code is setup correctly (see next page for an example)


Your first need to setup the rules for your discount code

  1. Create a voucher code or you can click the Auto Generate button to do this for you.
  2. Select which Tyre Brand(s) the discount will apply too or you can leave this as All Brands
  3. Select the Service Type – Any Service selected must be added to the basket in order for the discount to apply.
  4. Enter the Minimum Tyres required and the minimum order value


Once the rules are met a discount then needs to be applied:

  1. Value Type: This can be either a fixed amount or a percentage
  2. Fixed value discount – set the discount amount E.g. £10, 10%
  3. Start and End dates – Enter the dates that the voucher will run to-from


£10.00 discount on bookings containing at least one of the following services: Mobile Fitting and 1 or more tyres for orders above £60.00.


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