How to Manage your Pricing

Setting Your Prices

From this page you can set your tyre markups in one of 4 ways:

  • Simple Mark-up/Margin
  • By Cost Price
  • By Size
  • By Manufacturer

You then have the option to apply this by a fixed cost, percentage amount or a percentage margin (the most popular is by fixed cost)

Below is an example of tyre prices set by Cost Price:



Once you have established your markups you can then go to Step 2 where you can choose to apply a charge to fit each tyre, if you don't want to change you can leave this at 0

Step 3 allows you to apply Special Offers for a Manufacturer and/or a type of tyre e.g. Winter Tyres. Again with this you can choose to apply the cost increase/reduction as a fixed cost or as a percentage. If the offer is a reduction and you want to show the saving on your site you can tick the Show Saving Box (see below example)


You can above see that we have applied a £10 discount to all Pirelli Winter Tyres, this is how it will appear on the site:



Once you are happy with all of your price changes click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Check Your Prices (view the breakdown of cost)

Once all of your prices are set, you can check these by clicking the Check my Prices button in the top right of your screen (whilst still on the Manage Pricing Page)

From here you can see a breakdown as to how the markups are applied along with the Sellout Price to your customers. This is a good tool to compare your prices with local competitors.


Once you have finished checking your prices you can exit the page

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