How to View your Search Engine Statistics

One of the aims of your Tyres and Service website is to target local customers using search engines to choose a tyre fitter.

The search engine statistics report lists the keyword/search phrases that visitors search for before clicking through to your website.­


A graph displays the search keyword phrase usage frequency with the most popular being on the left-hand side through to the long tail of keywords used less frequently.

The table below lists all keywords by usage frequency.

You can use this information to determine the search phrases where your website does not receive much traffic.  For instance, you may offer MOTs but see no visitors searching for a local MOT service.

The way to draw in more visitors for your other services is to add content to your website.  You can add an information page about your MOT offering; perhaps mention it on your home page. By adding this extra content, you are letting search engines know more about your business.  The more they know the more visitors they will send.


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