How to add a Tyre Lookup to your Facebook page

Social media can have a huge impact on your business, increasing visitors to your website and we want to help you succeed.

There are 2 ways to add the lookup to your Facebook page:

  • Call the Support team and provide your login details for Facebook.
  • Add the Support team as an Admin user for your page (Only viewed on Desktop).

Process of making us Admin on your Facebook page:

  • Login to your Facebook Business page. Next click the settings bar at the top of the page.


  • Click Page Roles in the left column.


  • Next in the assign a new Page role box write TyresAdmin Silkmoth and when it shows click on it. Then change the editor to admin by clicking on it and then click add.


  • This will then tell you to re-enter your password and when you have entered your password click the submit button.


  • This will then tell you that TyresAdmin Silkmoth has been added as admin on the Facebook page and we will then receive a notification that we have been made admin on the Facebook page. We will then send an email to you when we added the lookup to your Facebook page.

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