Making images suitable for site use

Unique images can be used in numerous areas on your Tyres and Service website, including the site background, logo and home page banner. Images can be created and uploaded to your Tyres and Services admin, with a set of default images available if you do not wish to use any personalised images.

Image Optimisation 

There are various methods and tips to improve the optimisation and suitability of images for use in your Tyres and Service site:

  • Each graphic should be created with the image dimensions in mind, if images are created smaller than the dimensions, the aspect ratio and/or quality of the image could suffer when stretched out. The image dimensions used on the Tyres and Service sites are as follows:
  • If an image has a significantly higher resolution than what is required, the file size may be unnecessarily larger than it has to be without making any positive impact on the visual quality.

Image Compression

The smaller the file size of the image, the quicker it will load on the page. There are several methods to reduce an image's file size without compromising visual quality:

  • Ideally, images for the site should be JPG images - this ensures a manageable file size with minimal compromise on visual fidelity.


  • If an image has transparent elements however, it is recommended to save the file as a PNG image. This allows the image to retain its transparency and also offers no compromise on visual quality.

Note: Since PNG files are excessively large in file size by their nature, it is recommended that the file be compressed with software such as TinyPNG (free to use), which reduces the file size dramatically without hindering the quality.

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