How to Create a New Content Page

Creating custom content about your business is good way to keep your customers engaged with your website.

Navigate to Edit Content within the menu and select New Page


Creating your Content

A page will now appear allowing you to edit the content.

  • Firstly you will need to give the page a name
  • Secondly select which menu you would like to page to appear under (if you don't want it to appear in the top navigation, leave it as the default (see below)
  • Thirdly you need to create the content that will appear on the website, this is very similar to using Microsoft Word (or equivilent) where you can apply larger text, bullet points and insert links and images. To insert images see our Knowledge Base Article to find out how you can mange your website images.


Once you are happy with the content, click the "Save" button

Note: Make sure that you click save, if you navigate away from the page you will lose the content.

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