How to enable mobile fitting

Enabling mobile fitting as an additional service

To allow mobile fitting as an extra service i.e. to allow fitting at both your fitting centre and as a mobile solution, go to Tools > Chargeable Services in the fitting centre admin and enable the Mobile Fitting option by clicking Edit > Enabled. This will display mobile fitting in the basket page for the customer with the option to add it to the basket. For more information on adding mobile fitting as an additional service, see our Knowledge Base article on How to add a chargeable service.

Making your TyreClick site mobile fitting-only

If your business only offers mobile fitting, then this option can be enabled by logging in to the fitting centre admin and going to Account Info where there is an option labelled Provides mobile fitting ONLY - if this is checked then mobile fitting will be the only available option for customers visiting the site.


Once the site has been enabled as mobile fitting-only, the following changes will be applied (once the Save button has been clicked to confirm the setting):

  • Mobile fitting will be added as an additional service with no option to be removed by the customer
  • Additional fields will be added to the checkout page for the customer to fill in so that mobile fitting can be completed (see image below)


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